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In this global village, which has been so populated with enterprises, we are here to make your commute hassle free. As our vehicles have become such an integral part of our lives that their health too determines our day-to-day functioning. Whether public or private transport, our mobility is primarily dependent on vehicles.
Zeus Motor Solutions brings automotive service to a new dimension, presently we are only into the 2-wheeler segment, keeping a track of so many tasks in this hectic life in itself has become a task, although we have so much technology at our disposal to remind us, we always tend to miss something no matter the advent of technology or even getting Artificial Intelligence, in a country of such a large population there is always some reason to give a sudden breakdown, this where we come to your rescue. Let us take care of this aspect of your lives where you do not have to keep a track of your vehicle’s health, we’ll notify you on e-mail, text and popular IM platforms to schedule your vehicle service or even when it is overdue at your nearest convenient bike service provider, with a FREE pick and drop service!
Besides this, we plan to organize annual events where we will hold ‘Educational Workshops’ to educate the people, increase awareness about vehicular technology, Dos and Don’ts, basic troubleshooting etc.
Furthermore, we even have future plans of getting into the wagon segment, but that’s for another day!




We are the service that estimates fairly the issues with the motorcycle and gives you the precise help you need to make your motorcycle safe!


Lots of satisfied clients return to our certified service to get preventative maintenance or get help from our skilled motorcycle mechanics!


We guarantee the quality of the work performed. That’s why we’re ready to solve any problem that arose again for free!

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